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Application Of Rubber Plastic Sound Absorbing Cotton

Oct 18, 2019

Rubber sound-absorbing cotton is a kind of high quality insulation material widely used in central air conditioning, building, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, metallurgy, shipbuilding, vehicles, appliances and other industries and departments of all kinds of cold and heat pipe, container, can reduce the loss of hot and cold effect.

Rubber and plastic sound-absorbing cotton production process advanced technology

Rubber sound-absorbing cotton is the introduction of foreign latest technology and advanced automatic continuous production line, using the Ding Jing rubber excellent performance of polyvinyl chloride (NBR/PVC) as the main raw materials, with a variety of high-quality auxiliary materials, soft insulation energy saving material formed by special foam.

Rubber and plastic sound-absorbing cotton excellent performance

Rubber and plastic sound-absorbing cotton for closed cell elastic material, with soft, resistant to bend around, cold resistant, heat resistant, flame retardant, waterproof, shock absorption, sound absorption and other excellent performance.

Low thermal conductivity, 0.034w/mk. In the same external conditions, the use of open type rubber plastic sound absorption plate thickness than other insulation material more than half, and can achieve the same insulation effect, save investment.

Rubber and plastic sound-absorbing cotton is B1 grade refractory material.

The rubber and plastic sound absorbing cotton is a closed cell structure with minimal water vapor permeability and can maintain a low thermal conductivity for a long time.

The rubber and plastic sound absorbing cotton is very safe to use, and can neither irritate the skin nor endanger the health.

Rubber and plastic sound-absorbing cotton can prevent mold growth, avoid pests or mice bite.

These capabilities make the perforated rubber acoustic panel an ideal insulating material for the protection of pipes and prevent corrosion of pipes through atmospheric media or industrial conditions.

Sound-absorbing cotton construction and installation convenience

Rubber and plastic sound-absorbing cotton is soft and easy to install. It can be installed with the pipe sleeve. It can also be longitudinally cut and wrapped with glue.

Smooth the appearance of sound-absorbing cotton with rubber, and its excellent performance, do not need to add steam heat insulation layer, a protective layer, reduce the problems in the construction, but also ensure the beautiful appearance, smooth, easy pollution two.

Rubber and plastic sound-absorbing cotton, wide range of use

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