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Application Of Polypropylene Foam Material

Feb 20, 2021

1, Packaging materials

In recent years, packaging materials and new packaging design "lightweight" development trend is becoming increasingly evident. The PP foam sheet for packaging is more than 50% lighter than the solid sheet and has most of the mechanical properties of the solid sheet. In 1996, the United States thermoformed PP foam sheet in the food packaging needs of 143kt, Europe in food packaging, thermoformed PP foam sheet accounted for 10%. Bulk PP with a density of 0. 5-0.7 g / cm3 and a thickness of 0.5 to 1.5 mm can be used to produce tableware (plate, bowl) with a high rigidity, a beverage cup; density of 0.2 to 1.5 g / cm3 , The thickness of 1.0 ~ 3.5mm foam PP sheet can be used for meat, food packaging materials; In addition, because the foam PP has a very good rigidity, can be used for a large number of computers, audio equipment, cameras, glass Ware and other precision products and wearing parts of the packaging. The same time as

Foam PP maximum temperature of up to 130 ℃, and due to good microwave applicability, with PP foam sheet thermoformed food packaging containers can be used in the microwave; PP itself, the chemical structure of the PP foam material with Good biodegradability recovery, which makes it in the one-time packaging market occupies a clear upper hand, especially in the Chinese fast food industry, due to the production of disposable tableware with foam PS large volume, not rot, difficult to recover and other defects , Has caused serious "white pollution" of urban life, and the use of good oil resistance, easy to degrade the recovery of foam PP disposable tableware instead of PS foam tableware, is no doubt an ideal choice.

2, Insulation materials

  PP foam material mechanical properties, heat resistance and elongation at break are significantly better than PS foam material, can be used as home appliances pads, hot water pipes, hot room hot material. At present, foreign countries have a wide range of foaming PP for foam PS heat resistance can not meet the requirements of the occasion, such as for 90 ~ 120 ℃ heat carrier cycle battery insulation materials, automotive ceiling materials, engine room and workshop Hot material, cushioning packaging materials, etc., and even can be said that in all the foam PS, foam PE material exists in the heat-resistant parts of the site can use foam.

3, Automotive interior decoration materials

Foam in recent years in the automotive industry as an extension of the application of decorative materials, which in addition to its high absorption impact load capacity, good resilience and high heat resistance, recyclable is also a important reason. Foam PP and PP, ABS and other inner materials and PVC, TPR and other surface materials bonding or thermal bonding, vacuum molding can be made after the doors, ceilings and dashboard. The same time as

And can replace the now used polyamide foam foam material, for high-class car seats, car wall decoration and car bumpers and so on. Density of 0. 6 g / cm3, the thickness of 2 ~ 6mm foam PP sheet can be processed into carpet support materials, shading board, noise board, door lining, luggage rack, interior trim, box, etc., can also be used as damping materials And the insulating material, for example, due to good creep resistance, can be applied to the precision electrical components of the extreme part. The same time as

In addition, PP foam material can be saw, drill, nail and other machining, can be further developed for the synthesis of wood, building decoration materials.

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