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Application Characteristics Of Foam

Mar 23, 2018


The partial space of EPS packaging products is replaced by gas, and there are 3 to 6 million independent sealed bubbles in each cubic decimeter volume. So it's a couple of times larger than plastic.

Good insulation performance:

The thermal conductivity is the weighted average of pure EPS thermal conductivity and air thermal conductivity.

Sound insulation performance:

EPS product insulation mainly through two channels, one is to accept the sound wave energy, reduce reflection and transmission; The second is to eliminate resonance and reduce noise.

Anti-aging and depraved performance:

Except for long time exposed to high energy radiation, the product has no obvious aging phenomenon. Can tolerate many chemical substances, such as dilute acid, dilute alkali, methanol, lime, asphalt, etc.

Have accept impact load ability: EPS packaging products under impact load, the gas bubble through stagnation and compression, make foreign energy is consumed, dissipation, bubble body with smaller negative acceleration, gradually ending impact load, thus has good shockproof results. Anti-static performance: because EPS products have low electrical conductivity, it is easy to generate their own electrification in the friction, which will not affect the general user products. For high precision electronic products, special is the large range of modern electronics integrated block construction components, should be applied anti-static EPS products.