Polyethylene Foam Tapes

Flexible polyurethane foam tapecombine polyurethane foam substrate with a high-performance pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive on both sides. The polyurethane foam substrate allows energy and stress in the joint to be dissipated over the entire bond. The flexible polyurethane foam tape is an ideal choice for severe exterior bonding applications, it is durable in all weather conditions and provides resistance against UV light, extreme temperatures, fungi, oxidation and ozone.

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Polyethylene Foam Tapes provide good seal and insulating properties at a very low cost. Polyethylene Foam Tapes do provide superior insulating values and are excellent hot/cold air insulators in enclosed spaces. It is easy to cut by hand. And the cost is very low. It honors economical faith on weather striping region. Single sided PU foam tape offers good strength power and weather resistance power. Customers' requests are available. 

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1. Air handling and acoustic engineering; 
2. Building and construction; 
3. Automotive; 
4, electronic and electronical; 
5. Furniture and mirror manufacture; 
6, glass glazing and conservatory 


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Specification Sheet for:U20C 
Material PropertiesUnitMeasured value
Cell Type---Open cell
Tensile StrengthKpa115
Breaking Elongation%160
Compression DeflectionKpa3.5
Fire Resistance---HF-1
Temperature Resistance-30  to 100
Flame retardant performanceExcellent

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