Closed Cell Epdm Foam Tape

Closed Cell Epdm Foam Tape
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Product description:

Closed cell epdm foam tape provides significant resistance to high temperatures (-40°C to 105°C) and weathering, complies with automotive industry standards and is flame retardant to FMVSS302. The EPDM foam is non-conductive, meaning it can be used as an electrolysis barrier between dissimilar metals. EPDM is the most durable single-sided foam tape in our range, and is ideal for outdoor use.

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1.Air handling and acoustic engineering;

2.Building and construction;

3.Automotive and transportation

4.Residential window glazing

5.Commercial window and refrigeration glazing

6.Heating and ventilation duct systems

7.Vibration damping,Marine glazing,Die-cut gaskets,Store display case

8.Interior/exterior glazing sealant for metal, wood and vinyl sash systems

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