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Now Pipe hanger support to replace the traditional wooden to new pipeline support products.The professional foaming materials are used as insulation and load-bearing parts respectively. Besides the basic functions of fixed and bearing pipes, it can also guarantee the insulation effect and maintain the steam tightness of the system.For the piping system of the flexible closed foam insulation material, the three and the pipe supports are the necessary accessories to maintain the integrity of the adiabatic system and prevent the cold (hot) bridge.

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Pipe insulation supports are various forms of rigid block and pipe insulation materials used in combination with protection shields to prevent low-density pipe insulation from getting crushed at hanger locations. Proper pipe insulation supports and shields are critical for maintaining thermal performance and system integrity where the pipe insulation passes through a clevis hanger, roller, anchor, guide or strut system.

The compressive strength of the support resting on the shield must be sufficient to support the pipe insulation, and it must keep the vapor-retardant jacketing intact. The ideal pipe insulation support prevents direct transfer of moisture or heat from the shield to the actual iron pipe.

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Domestic pipes and heating system pipes

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