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What is the market development of EVA foam material

Mar 19, 2020

The new sales format of EVA foam has led to a new market material solution for packaging foam materials: how to provide market-oriented solutions and become a breakthrough in the packaging industry. Those companies that are customer-oriented and do not research the market will be phased out because they cannot keep up with customer needs. New sales formats require new solutions for packaging.

The EVA foam packaging material industry will further develop to individuality: due to the large demand, China's packaging industry is in a batch and large-scale development, which meets the needs of development. But at the same time it has also created homogeneous competition and price wars. The simple increase of production capacity and cost reduction will gradually feel the pressure of the market, and the differentiation and personalized packaging solutions will become the development trend.

The EVA foam packaging material industry will develop in an integrated and systematic direction: the packaging field is not a superposition of individual packaging methods, but it must be considered on the basis of integrity. As the market matures, suppliers who cannot provide complete solutions will not be able to systematically reduce packaging costs, and their bargaining power on the customer side will be weakened. Packaging companies need a holistic, systematic packaging method for foam materials.

EVA foam replaces artificial packaging materials and equipment in China has great potential: the replacement of artificial packaging equipment due to different product types and characteristics