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What environment is the high temperature resistant tape suitable for?

Mar 17, 2020

High temperature double-sided adhesive is a kind of double-sided adhesive for high temperature working environment. It has excellent adhesion to plastic, metal, foam plastic and other adhesives, and also has the characteristics of stable function. It is mainly used in the electronics industry. Its temperature resistance is generally between 120 degrees and 260 degrees.

It plays the role of fixing, printed circuit board and high temperature processing during the processing of electronic parts. Now, our commonly used products such as mobile phones, computers, smart TVs will be used for high temperature double-sided tape.

High-temperature double-sided tape and Kapton high-temperature tape, high-temperature paper tape, Teflon high-temperature tape, pet green high-temperature tape are all high-temperature tapes. The main difference is that high-temperature double-sided adhesive can be double-sided pasted and has its own significant features.

At present, many manufacturers produce heat-resistant double-sided adhesive. Choosing a reliable manufacturer is especially important. Specializing in the production of high temperature double-sided adhesives and other products, from material selection to production, they have passed strict quality inspection to ensure reliable product functions and better prices. Welcome those who want to buy.