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The main factors affecting the aging of the sealing strip

Apr 07, 2020

The aging problem has always been a problem that plagues the sealing strip industry. At present, the application of rubber in the sealing strip industry is still very wide, so solving the aging problem of rubber is still very important for the development of the sealing strip industry. At the same time, the aging problem is the most important factor affecting the sealing performance of the sealing strip.

The aging of rubber mainly refers to the phenomenon of cracking, hardening, discoloration, and cracking of the rubber in the process of use or storage.

The main factor affecting the aging of the sealing strip is the natural environment:

One is that the influence of oxygen, ozone and other air components is mainly due to the occurrence of oxidation reactions that break the molecular chain of rubber, but the degree of influence of ozone and oxygen is different, and ozone is more oxidative and destructive.

The second is the influence of light and moisture, which are the key factors for accelerating aging. Moisture in the air is a necessary condition for softening rubber, and light is the main factor that promotes its discoloration. Long-term sunlight can easily make rubber Deformation softens.

The third is that temperature and temperature have a relatively large impact on rubber. The main reason is that severe hardening of the rubber in the cold winter will cause the rubber to break, and the hot summer will soften the rubber.

The above points are the most important factors that promote the aging of the rubber sealing strip. Therefore, when maintaining the sealing strip, you should mainly start from the above aspects such as waterproofing, air isolation and heat preservation.