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Related characteristics of sound insulation cotton material

Mar 20, 2020

1. soft, high tensile strength

The sound-proof cotton material has a soft texture and high tensile strength, which is especially suitable for use in homes. It can also isolate certain noise effects, and is the best choice for decorating houses.

2. Environmental health

These sound insulation cotton materials have passed the relevant certifications of the environmental protection department, and are protected according to different environments in order to meet the requirements, and this material does not cause environmental pollution.

3. Lightweight and ultra-thin

Under the premise of reducing the noise of the same sound-proof cotton material, the greater the density of the noise-reducing material, the better the sound insulation effect, and the better the sound insulation effect of the internal voids of the material. Therefore, the choice of lightweight, ultra-thin sound-proof cotton is more suitable for sound insulation.

4.Suppress the propagation of low-frequency sound waves

This soundproof cotton material is made of metal powder, so the propagation of low-frequency sound waves is strongly suppressed, thereby reducing the propagation range of noise indoors.

5.Various usage methods

Sound insulation cotton can be used alone or other boards, so that its performance can be fully exerted. When used in combination, static and sound insulation pads play an active role in the sound insulation performance of the resonance plate.