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Origin and application characteristics of special type rubber

Jun 14, 2017

Special type rubber refers to the rubber with some special properties. Mainly: Shan nitrile rubber, referred to as NBR, made from Butadiene and Acrylonitrile copolymerization. Oil resistance, anti-aging performance is good, can be in 120 Shan of the air or in 150 Shan oil in long-term use. In addition, it has water resistance, airtight property and excellent bonding properties. Shan silicone Rubber, the main chain by the silicon oxygen atom alternating composition, on the silicon atom with organic group. High and low temperature resistance, ozone resistance, good electrical insulation. Shan fluorine rubber, a synthetic rubber containing fluorine atoms in the molecular structure. Typically, the number of fluorine atoms in the copolymer containing fluorine units, such as fluorine rubber 23, is a copolymer of vinylidene fluoride and trichloroethylene. Fluorine rubber resistant to high temperature, oil resistance, chemical corrosion resistance. The Shan polysulfide rubber is condensed from two halogenated alkanes with the polymetallic sulphides of alkali or alkaline earth metal. have excellent oil and solvent resistance, but the strength is not high, anti-aging, processing is not good, there is a stink, and more with nitrile rubber. In addition, there are polyurethane rubber, chlorine alcohol rubber, acrylic ester rubber and so on.