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Market prospect of EPE pearl cotton foam material

Mar 23, 2020

EPE pearl cotton foam material is a new type of environmental protection packaging and filling material. Its superior characteristics are more and more recognized, so its use will continue to expand and innovate. Especially in packaging and other industrial materials, it has better performance, lower cost, higher grade, beautiful appearance and better effect than traditional materials. In addition, it has a wider world in the packaging materials of agricultural and sideline products. At the same time, EPE pearl cotton foam sheet can also be further processed. It only needs to prepare pearl cotton laminating machine and compound machine. The surface of EPE sheet is covered with HDPE film, aluminized film, plastic coated paper, plastic coated cloth After being coated, the EPE sheet not only improves the mechanical strength, but also improves the original performance and the printing of various patterns and characters, and expands the product promotion efforts. In addition, the composite sheet can be widely applied to inner liner materials such as box linings, life jackets, heat insulation, and moisture-proof tents, and the economic benefits have doubled.

In addition, EPE pearl cotton packaging products will fully replace EPS packaging materials, will soon occupy the packaging market, and may replace packaging materials such as paper and corrugated cardboard boxes, and the appearance is better than any packaging material.