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Installation method of pipe bracket

Jun 14, 2017

The installation methods of the pipe bracket are:

1. Buried Type Bracket Installation

2, welding bracket installation

3, Expansion bolt method bracket Installation

4. Bracket Mounting

5, shot Nail method Bracket Installation

Construction requirements

GB "Building water supply and drainage and heating engineering construction Quality Acceptance Code" Gb50242 in the pipeline bracket has the following requirements:

3rd. Article 3.7 The installation of piping branches, hoists and brackets shall conform to the following provisions:

1, the position is correct, the burial should be flat and firm;

2, fixed bracket and pipe contact should be close, fixed should be firm;

3, sliding bracket should be flexible, sliding and chute sides should be left with 3 to 5 mm gap, longitudinal movement of the volume should meet the design requirements;

4, no heat elongation pipe hanger, hanging rod should be installed vertically;

5. The hanger and hanger of the hot elongation pipe should be shifted to the reverse direction of the thermal expansion;

6. The branch and hanger fixed on the building structure shall not affect the safety of the structures.