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How well does the slow rebound sponge work?

Mar 14, 2020

A slow rebound sponge is a material different from any sponge that has been in contact. Slow rebound memory foam is a material that can deform according to changes in body temperature. When a slow rebound sponge is pressed, it will not produce a rebound force until all the pressure is spread evenly. When the external force stops, it will slowly return to its original shape.

Slow rebound memory foam is extremely sensitive to temperature and weight. It becomes softer in hotter environments and harder in colder environments. Therefore, this material can conform to the shape of a human body, contact and support the human body's contact surface. In comparison, traditional sponges do not have this sensitivity to temperature, nor can they fully support the body shape curve.

Slow rebound sponge is the perfect combination of softness and toughness. In the standard test species, after 80,000 times of compression of the slow rebound sponge, the deformation of the slow rebound sponge is 5% less than that of ordinary polyurethane sponge. The deformation depression degree of ordinary high elastic sponge reaches 10-15%. This fully proves the excellent rebound toughness of the slow rebound sponge.