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How to solve the problem of insufficient viscosity of foam tape?

Feb 24, 2019

The process of making foam tape is mainly based on PE foam or EVA, coated with solvent pressure sensitive adhesives on one or both sides, and then manufactured with release paper. The foam tape has the function of sealing and shock absorption when it is used. It is very suitable for pasting pictures and calligraphy in office, family and other occasions. Foam tape is widely used in electronic and electrical products, mechanical parts, all kinds of small household appliances, mobile phone accessories, industrial instruments, computers and peripheral equipment, automotive accessories, audio-visual equipment, toys, cosmetics and so on.

1. The bonded surface should be kept absolutely clean and dry during use. Alcohol or water can be used to scrub it. After cleaning, the bonded surface can be pasted with adhesive tape after drying.

2. In the process of operation, foam tape should avoid contact between finger and adhesive surface. The product must exert pressure after sticking, so as to ensure full contact of adhesive surface. The environmental temperature should not be lower than 10 C, and the adhesive tape and adhesive surface can be heated properly by electric hair dryer.

3. Pressure-sensitive tape has the best effect after 24 hours of pasting. When both sides have been pasted, it should be placed flat for 24 hours. Without this condition, stick vertically for 24 hours, then let it support the heavy object.

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