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Common characteristics of EVA processing packaging materials

Mar 14, 2020

Only when the content of vinyl acetate in EVA is less than 20% can it be used as a plastic at this time. EVA foam has good low temperature resistance, and its thermal decomposition temperature is low, about 230 ° C. As the molecular weight increases, the softening point of EVA increases, and the processability and surface gloss of plastic parts decrease, but the strength increases , Impact toughness and resistance to environmental stress cracking are improved. The chemical resistance and oil resistance of EVA foam are slightly worse than those of PE and PVC, and the change becomes more pronounced with the increase of vinyl acetate content.

EVA has improved performance over PE, mainly in terms of elasticity, flexibility, gloss, and air permeability. In addition, its resistance to environmental stress cracking has been improved, and its capacity for fillers has increased. Methods to avoid or reduce the decrease in mechanical properties of EVA over PE. EVA can also be subjected to new applications through modification. The modification can be considered from two aspects: one is to use EVA as the backbone for grafting other monomers; the other is to partially alcoholize EVA.