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Classification of adhesives

Mar 14, 2020

Adhesive is a substance that adheres to the surface through adhesion and cohesion and has good adhesion properties. It is often used in the production of adhesive tapes. With the remarkable progress of adhesives and bonding technology, new adhesives with excellent performance continue to appear, and due to the unique adhesive technology, it has extraordinary versatility, can achieve multiple purposes, and thus has been more widely used. There are many ways to classify adhesives. Different categories have different products.

1. by application

Non-structural adhesives, structural adhesives, special adhesives

2. by chemical composition

Organic and inorganic adhesives;

Organic adhesives include silicate, phosphate, sulfate, borate and other chemical components.

Organic adhesives are divided into synthetic adhesives and natural adhesives; synthetic adhesives include rubber, resin, and composite types; natural adhesives include minerals, animals and plants, natural rubber and other adhesives.

3. By application method

Thermosetting type, Rewet type, Room temperature curing type, Room temperature curing type, Hot melt type, Pressure sensitive type

4. By shape

Divided into liquid adhesives and solid adhesives