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Characteristics of foam rubber insulation materials

Sep 16, 2018

Advantages of rubber plastic insulation materials

1. Green environmental protection: It does not contain harmful chlorine fluoride in the atmosphere, and meets the requirements of ISO14000 international environmental protection certification, so it will not produce any harmful pollutants to human body in installation and application.

2. Low thermal conductivity: rubber and plastic are high-quality heat-preservation and energy-saving materials, are cold insulation, heat insulation and dew-proof nemesis, low and stable thermal conductivity, insulation effect on any heat medium.

3. Good fireproof performance: Rubber-plastic materials meet the national standard GB8624 "Building Materials Combustion Performance Analysis Method" by testing and judging as GB8624 B1 class flame-retardant materials.

4. Closed foam structure: ACMF (Accurate Control Microcellular Foam) is used to improve the foam closure rate and lower the thermal conductivity of the product. The foam is more uniform and fine, and has strong resistance to water vapor permeability. The service life of the rubber-plastic foam structure is prolonged. It is difficult for water in the outside air to penetrate into the material. It has excellent resistance to water vapor penetration, and there is no need to add steam isolation layer on the surface of the cold insulation layer. The moisture resistance factor mu of rubber and plastic is greater than 3500 (ISO9346) to form a built-in water vapor layer, even if the product scratches does not affect the overall vapor insulation. Rubber and plastic are thermal insulation and damp proof layers.

5, use thin material and save space: the thickness of rubber and plastic is reduced by about 2/3 compared with other insulation materials. Therefore, the space above the ceiling can be saved, and the indoor height can be raised.

6. Long service life: rubber and plastic have excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, anti-cold, anti-hot, anti-drying, anti-humidity, but also with anti-ultraviolet radiation, ozone resistance, 25 years of non-aging, non-deformation, maintenance-free service life and other characteristics.

7. High-grade appearance, uniform and beautiful: Nine vertical rubber and plastic with high elasticity, smooth surface, soft texture, even installed in bends, tees, valves and other irregular components can be maintained intact, beautiful appearance without decoration, even without ceiling can also maintain high-grade.

8. Installation is convenient and fast: because the material is soft, and no other auxiliary layer is needed, the construction and installation is simple. For the installation of pipeline, it can be sleeved together with the progress of pipeline installation, or it can be made by cutting the rubber-plastic pipe and then bonding it with special glue.

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