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Bracket spacing

Jun 14, 2017

1. The principle of determining the spacing of fixed bracket in general pipeline

The Shan and pipe fixing bracket is used to withstand the thrust caused by the expansion and contraction of the pipe, for this reason, the Bracket and foundation need to be strong to withstand the thrust effect.

The Shan and fixed bracket spacing directly affect the economy of the pipe network, so it is required that the fixed bracket be arranged rationally so that the fixed bracket allows spacing to increase to reduce the number of racks.

2, fixed bracket spacing must meet the conditions

The heat elongation of Shan and piping shall not exceed the allowable compensation of compensator;

The thrust produced by the thermal expansion of the Shan and pipe section shall not exceed the permissible thrust value of the fixed bracket;

Shan, it is not appropriate to make the pipe longitudinal bending.

3. The maximum length of the compensator is not allowed in the straight pipe section of the thermal pipe.