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Analysis of favorable factors affecting the development of China's tape industry

Mar 17, 2020

Analysis of favorable factors affecting the development of China's tape industry

(1) Strong support for industrial policies

In recent years, a series of industrial policies and career plans promulgated by relevant parts of the country that are conducive to the development of tape industry have laid an outstanding institutional foundation for the development of foam tape industry. Firstly, by supporting structural adjustments and technological upgrades of upstream occupations such as rubber, new materials, and the textile industry, it provides a material foundation for the industrial upgrading of the tape occupation; secondly, by revitalizing downstream occupations such as high-end machinery and equipment manufacturing, metallurgy, and ports, the tape occupation is expanded Overall demand and market capacity; In addition, support and encourage advantageous companies to grow bigger and stronger, improve the proportion of high-performance tapes, and promote the adjustment of the industrial structure of tapes, technological upgrades and brand strategies.

(2) Continuous economic development provides continued momentum

At present, China's national economy is stable and continues to develop. Economic construction is in the period of accelerated industrial modernization and urbanization. There is ample space for the development of machinery, metallurgy, power, mining, chemical and building materials. The volume accounts for a large proportion of the total demand in the domestic market, which provides a huge market for tape occupations.

(3) Concentration of the international tape industry to China, providing a large number of high-quality industrial resources for the country

Because of the shrinkage of the hometown market and the disadvantage of production costs, tape companies in developed countries and regions have begun to continually shrink their homework business and move the production link to the development of our country. China has become the main recipient of international industrial tape handling. The international tape industry's handling to China will provide a large number of industrial resources such as technology, talents, and markets.