Customized Silicon Foam Stripe

Our high density silicon foam stripe are ideal for applications that require soft and soft materials. They also have an excellent temperature range and good flame retardancy.Another key feature of our silicone sponge strips is the products excellent temperature range. Our strips are able to withstand temperatures as low as -60°C and as high as 200°C. This makes them highly versatile, and also greatly increases the general life expectancy of the product.

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The customized silicon foam stripe has unique craftsmanship. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, aging resistance, ozone resistance, good insulation performance, fuel resistance, no peculiar smell, and good wear resistance. High compression and low compression permanent deformation, suitable for a wide temperature range, and has good sound insulation and heat insulation performance

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1. Seal doors and windows to avoid noise

2. Suitable for ships, vehicles, electromechanical, etc.

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Specification Sheet for:Silicone foam
Material PropertiesUnitTest MethodPhysical standard value
Densitykg/m3ASTM D 1056 TEST D<1(70℃test)
Compression deformation%<5(100℃test)
Tensile StrengthKpaASTM D 412450
Tensile elongation%ASTM D 41295
Flame retardancy
UL94V-0 and HF-1
Flame diffusion indexLsASTM D 162<25
Smoke densityDsASTM E 662<20(15mintest)
Toxic gas emission rating--SMC-SOOPass
Water absorption rate--Internal Test 24Hrs3.80%
Dielectric constant--ASTM D 1501.37
Dielectric strengthKV mmASTM D 1493.96
Arc resistance--ASTM D 49592
Physical resistivityohm cmASTM D 25710
Thermal conductivity--ASTM D 5180.09
-55 Celsius low temperature distortion--ASTM D 1056 Pass
Recommended temperatureSAE J 2236-55~200
Recommended intermittent use temperatureInternal 250

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